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Think In Bytes

We are a team of enthusiastic data science and front end developers that are focused to develop and design state of the art customer centric products. We enable the power of AI to make your difficult tasks simpler and simple tasks more efficient.

We are Allergic to Average !

Machine Learning

We develop classification and regression based customised prediction system using state of the art ML algorithms that can be deployed on edge devices.
Applications :

  • 1. Predicting sales, energy generation, production etc
  • 2. Predicting loan defaulters, cancerious tissues etc.
  • 3. Predicting failures in manufacturing, fermentation etc.

Deep Learning

We develop AI based Deep Learning algorithms and models which enables automate business processes and make better decisions based on past data.
Applications :

  • 1. Business Automation
  • 2. Detect manufacturing anomalies
  • 3. Early diagnosis
  • 4. Predicting machine failures and maintainance

Computer Vision

Our state of the art computer vision algorithms can extract and recognize insights and semantic information from video streams and images.
Applications :

  • 1. Detect criminals, ammunations from CCTV footage
  • 2. Extracting vitals like heart rate etc from front camera
  • 3. Detecting corona virus from X-ray
  • 4. Mask and social distance detection
  • 5. Automatic CCTV based Parking system

Data Analysis

Convert Data into Information and answer your business questions with our powerful data analysis tool - Think In Graphs
Applications :

  • 1. Business sales analysis
  • 2. Warehouse stock analysis
  • 3. Production analysis
  • 4. Website traffic analysis
  • 5. Marketing response analysis

Recommender System

We developed AI enabled powerful and personalised product and content filtering recommendation engines to provide customers exactly what they want.
Applications :

  • 1. Recommending products on ecommerce websites
  • 2. Recommending dishes in restaurants and cafes
  • 3. Content recommendation on social media, LMS sites
  • 4. Market-Basket Analysis

NLP Solutions

We develop AI based NLP solutions that interprets human languages and behaviour helping systems understand and communicate with real humans.
Applications :

  • 1. AI based chatbot
  • 2. Virtual assistants like Ok Google, siri
  • 3. Document classification
  • 4. OCR / Text recognition