• Think Invest

    Our patent-pending Stock Trend prediction system that enables the power of AI to predict market trends and yeilds high profits.

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  • Simple Steps to Begin

    Its fully Automatic, In just 3 simple steps you start your auto-trading journey !

    The Magic Behind

    We leverage the power of AI to make impossible, possible !

    • AI powered predictions

      Our AI algorithm has been developed after thorough research and guidance of industry experts. Think Invest buys a stock when system generates bullish
                      signal and places a GTT target of 1.5% to sell the stock.

    • 20+ Years backtested

      Before putting it out, we backtested our system on last 20 years of data to test the performance. Our AI model predicted stock-trend with over 86% accuracy
                      on 125 stocks. It yeilded 8.5% monthly average profit.

    • Intelligence over emotions

      Our smart algorithms sharply monitor market volume and are capable of identifying false signals. Our system do not impute emotions while trading and
                      thus do a better job at implicating what numbers say.

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    Listen our Beta users

    Before building app, Think Invest Predictions were sent to a group of beta users which included targeted audience & domain experts. Here's what they have to say: